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When commercial real estate assets and operations are less than optimal, it can have a significant impact on a business’s bottom line, both in terms of greater expense and loss of productivity. We provide the expertise and tools that enable businesses to align their real estate strategies and processes with their overall business objectives, resulting in greatly improved profitability.

Our clients include users of commercial real estate such as corporate real estate, non-profits and governmental entities where real estate is a support area to the core business (and tends to be a significant expense, usually second after payroll) and commercial real estate owners and service providers where the real estate function is a core competency.

The 10 primary areas where firms need assistance are:

  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Processes
  • Standardization
  • Information Accessibility
  • Cost Minimization/Profit Enhancement
  • Measurability/Metrics
  • Formal Communications with the Board
  • Project/System Implementation
  • Meeting Goals

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Owners and service providers

Companies with commercial real estate as their core competency which specialize in investment, management, development and leasing commercial real estate.
These firms need specialized expertise to align their real estate strategies with their overall business objectives to improve profitability, efficiency and customer/investor satisfaction.

Companies include owners such as REITS, TICs, pension funds and private owners. Service providers include brokerage, property management and leasing companies.


Fortune 1000 companies, government entities and non-profits.
These organizations require specialized assistance to enhance real estate strategies, and can often identify substantial savings by proactively evaluating their current portfolio and operations and looking for ways to create an improved future state at a lower cost and improved quality to the organization.

Consulting firms and other service providers

These firms generally focus on broad-range, high-end projects and often need deep and specialized expertise in order to service their clients' full range of needs.

Service providers include accounting, consulting, brokerage, and property management.

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