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Disposition Categorization

Are you unsure of how to sell each asset in your portfolio in order to maximize the sales price and minimize the risk to your organization?

We can help you to prioritize and determine the target sales market for each disposition asset.

Purpose of Service
To analyze assets in the portfolio objectively and categorize their alignment with the company strategy and determine the optimal disposition method for the assets by type that would result in the best price realized from the disposition with minimal risk.

Intended Results
Asset inventory is categorized by asset pools/types. Non-profit, environmental, auction, national broker and local broker candidates are pooled to maximize sales price and minimize risk.

StratVisor helps you develop a Portfolio Strategy. We then create a filter with objective data and analyze each asset using the filter. Data considered could include environmental issues, size and location. The result is a categorization plan.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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