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Business Process Improvement

Are there inefficient or non-existent processes hindering your ability to be successful? Are your cycle times meeting or exceeding your client's/bosses expectations? Are you leveraging applicable systems in your organization? Are you relying on Excel too much? Can your whole team find what they need, when they need it? Can you complete an information request seamlessly?

We take a phased approach to improve your current processes in a systematic way so the implementation of the new process does not disrupt your current operations.

Purpose of Service
To improve operations within your organization by developing new or enhanced processes that will require less effort from your organization in the future. To create more efficiencies and better accuracy these new or enhanced processes usually involve leveraging existing or new technology.

Intended Results
New or enhanced processes that are more efficient, produce better quality results and ultimately increase profitability while minimizing costs and risk.

StratVisor documents and prioritizes processes. We can assist our clients with identifying which process to improve first, focusing on the most impactful ones. We hold a series of working sessions with management to document the current processes. We have helped clients with numerous processes including acquisition, site selection, development, construction, asset management, management, leasing, accounting, investment reporting, disposition, etc. We look for areas to improve profitability, efficiencies and effectiveness. We also look for areas to reduce costs, minimize cycle times and leverage technology. We typically document volumes and cycle times. From the inventory of areas to improve, we develop the future process. Along with the design in flowchart and manual format, we develop the steps to implement the process and work with your team on incorporating the new process into your business. We can also develop metrics to measure performance of the new process and simulate old and new processes to build business cases.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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