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Case Studies

Full-Service Real Estate Company with 11M sq ft of Class A Commercial Real Estate Property – Management Training

The Challenge

A full-service, real estate Company with 11 million square feet of office space and over 70 Property Management and Departmental Supervisors wanted to develop an on-going Management Training program that would support their long-term operational excellence initiatives.

The Client asked Teel StratVisor Group (StratVisor) to develop a Management Training program that would include training, personal development planning applied to work setting, and input on operational objectives. 

What We Did

Prior to the start of the project, Teel StratVisor Group completed an Operational Excellence Strategy for the Client. This strategy was the company’s guide to develop a “Culture of Excellence.”  The feedback from interviews conducted for the Operational Excellence Strategy indicated that a formal Management Training program was needed.  Using these findings, StratVisor developed an outline for the training program, with the understanding that the formal contents would evolve over the course of the program implementation.

The primary components for the Management Training program are:

  • Review of portfolio-wide customer service program that was presented to over 500 team members nationally
  • Personal Development skills
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  All participants completed the MBTI and then participated in activities that illustrated all the Types, and how different Types perceive/process information
    • Personal Development Plan  StratVisor developed a 4-part plan to help managers evaluate their personal strengths and how those strengths would impact their leadership style.  It also provided opportunities to identify obstacles to being a successful leader and coach, and develop strategies to overcome those obstacles.
  • Team-Building and Coaching Skills
    • Team-Building StratVisor’s team-building plan included exercises that showed managers how to evaluate their current team, identify areas for improvement and develop an action plan to improve.  The plan also builds on the individual MBTI results and how to develop strategies to   overcome any obstacles to success.
    • Coaching  StratVisor created a program designed to help managers understand the difference between coaching and managing.  The program emphasizes self-evaluation, relationship building and facilitating employee development.  Exercises helped managers focus on five areas critical to developing credibility with the team, complete a gap analysis to determine where they need to focus, and then coaching individual team members on the same type of gap analysis.
  • Supporting Strategies for the Operational Excellence program.  As the Client continued to build the Operational Excellence program, StratVisor provided:
    • Facilitated discussions on incentives, performance standards and customer service
    • Opportunities for managers to have input to the process and help set the direction of the program with surveys and one-on-one interviews.  
    • Communication to the managers regarding the purpose of each step and implementation timelines

Year 1

Training focused on the portfolio-wide rollout of the company’s new Top Performance program and an overview of the newly-developed incentive programs for the coming year, as well as rollout of the customer service training program.  Managers were given the five key performance skills employees needed to learn in order to improve overall performance and were asked to mentor their teams in implementing these skills. 

The management team also completed the MBTI – how individual perceptions are shaped by how they absorb and understand information, and how these individual perceptions may impact the staff’s reception of the new customer service program. The focus was on how to communicate the new program, and how managers could use their skills and understanding of the MBTI concept to ensure clear and effective communication. 

Finally, the new departmental performance incentive program for company and vendor staff was reviewed.  Managers were provided with information on how performance would be measured, how incentives would be calculated and paid, and what additional bonuses were being considered for individual recognition.    

Year 2

This training session included a review of the elements of the Operational Excellence program.  After the last session, employees across the company had been trained on the new customer service program twice, and the Client wanted the management team to be familiar with the program.  In addition to the customer service program, the managers again reviewed the MBTI information.  The other concepts included in this training were in-depth sections on team-building and coaching.  Managers completed exercises for self and team evaluation and used those results to develop strategies to achieve Operational Excellence. 

A significant focus of the Year 2 training, however, was to facilitate discussions that included the review of tenant survey results and prioritize operational initiatives to continue the momentum of the Top Performance program. In between the training sessions of year 1 and 2, the management team was asked to review a list of 48 initiatives.  These initiatives were developed by StratVisor from the Top Performance Strategy.  The result was 13 operational initiatives the management team rated as high importance in moving the company towards Operational Excellence.  These 13 initiatives were provided to the management teams during this training session for prioritization.  The teams also documented the obstacles for success. 

Subsequent training sessions for new property acquisitions have continued the format of management staff support through MBTI results, which are used as a basis for self-analysis, as well as team-building and coaching exercises designed to integrate new acquisitions into the Operational Excellence program.  The sessions also maintain a high level of management involvement in refining and developing operational initiatives.


The StratVisor team has conducted annual Management training for approximately 70 staff nationwide.

The Result

As a result of working with Teel StratVisor Group, the Client received the following:

  • Customized management training program, with flexible content modules
  • MBTI results for individual, work teams and the entire  management team
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Leadership Techniques
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Prioritized list of initiatives for Operational Excellence developed by the management team. 
    • Of the 13 original initiatives,  StratVisor has completed nine to date:
      • Communicate corporate goals through the mission statement and make it visible at all properties
      • Develop a corporate-wide Tenant Welcome Package (tenant manual) for all new tenants.  Include property specific information for this welcome package.
      • Implement a new staff/vendor employee incentive (B.E.S.T) program that has measurable metrics and benchmark review annually.  The goal is to standardize the management of the program and keep administrative work to a minimum
      • Conduct ongoing Customer Service training annually to maintain momentum and motivation
      • Develop a Corporate Welcome Package for new assets
      • Develop accounting standard policies and procedures for all properties
      • Conduct annual analysis of tenant survey results and develop initiative(s) based those results for management to implement the next year
      • Develop job descriptions for all new hires
      • Standard work order system
    • An additional two initiatives were completed by the client internally:
      • Implement process for managers to follow up on tenant survey results with tenants
      • Develop process for tenant updates that streamlines the process
    • The final two initiatives are scheduled for completion
      • Develop a Corporate Welcome Package for all new employees including customer service program video
      • Develop and implement portfolio-wide Web presence and standardized property Web sites

Timing:   Annually (6-8 weeks each year)

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